Professional recording services for bands & solo artists

I am a Sound Engineer/Producer based in Oxford, UK. My passion is recording bands/artists, and am experienced with all kinds of music. I will work with you to produce the sound you’re after as well as contributing my years of experience in recording music and knowledge of music theory.

About Me

I haveĀ been a part of many bands in the underground music scene, and have worked with countless bands across all genres, including Best Coast, Vienna Ditto, Silent Front, Khamsina, The Half Rabbits, Area 52, The Fleas, Caretaker, Undersmile, Cast Of Light, Mayors Of Miyizaki, One Unique Signal, Terrence Mas, Smilex, Dub The Earth and more. I have also worked alongside top producers such as Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild) and Adam Whittaker (Amy Winehouse, The Damned).

The Way I Work

I try to capture the band’s/artist’s sound in an unobtrusive way as possible, and strive to make them sound like them. That being said, I am also capable of applying a more hands on approach when needed, effectively becoming producer as well as sound engineer.

Recording Studio

Currently working in conjunction with Soundworks (Oxford), I work to bring you the sound characteristics of warmth, depth of sound, clarity, punch and atmosphere.