Mastering is the final process or “polish” on a mix so that it sounds great accross a variety of systems.

What you can expect from mastering with me:

  • Maximum perceived loudness without distortion
  • Improved balance of frequencies
  • Added warmth, punch and clarity
  • Other enhancements (compression, noise reduction etc)
  • Final master CD or DDP file to the Red Book standard
  • Uploaded WAV, MP3 or any file format you prefer

I can also offer a demonstration free one minute sampler of my mastering on request, just send over the wav files to my Soundcloud Dropbox or Email

  • Please get in touch for current rates for mastering


Please note: I require the following when submitting tracks for mastering…

  • Files in WAV or AIFF format
  • At least 44.1kHz sample rate and 16bit bitrate
  • No compression or limiting on the master bus
  • At least -3dB of headroom
  • References (names of song/s by your favourite artist/s)