Black Skies Burn album is out now

The crushingly relentless debut album by Oxfordshire grindcore legends Black Skies Burn is out now, recorded/mixed/mastered by me at Silver Street Studios. Grab it here:


Here some more about the band:

“Oxfordshire’s Black Skies Burn are a self-managed band formed in 2005: Delivering an uncompromising mix of Thrash Metal, fusing together elements of Death with ferocious Grind. Blending moments of heavy groove within furious riffing and driving blast beats.

After having a major line up change in 2012 and being signed to Bored Stiff Records in 2013: The new vicious line up brings you a heavier and faster noise assault. Fully intent on punishing ears with their new era of unrelenting chaos, provoking full on carnage and leaving nobody unscathed from the devastation.”

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