New mastering equipment

I’ve recently aquired a new mastering equalizer. The TL Audio Dual Valve EQ-2 is a crystal clear, yet warm sounding equalizer that is now the staple of all my mastering jobs. For more info and rates on mastering check here

Here’s more on the TL Audio EQ-2 taken from TL Audio’s website:

“No other high end equaliser can offer the same degree of power and flexibility as the new TL Audio EQ-2. Like the C-1 and PA-1, the EQ-2 features a raven blue 6mm CNC milled aluminium front panel, General Electric US military specification valves and high retention gold plated ceramic valve bases, but we’ve also added two much-requested features: a peaking/shelving switch on the LF and HF bands, and drive/peak LEDs. The internal circuit design has also been refined quite significantly to produce an even fatter, smoother sounding equaliser.

The EQ-2 boasts two channels of fully parametric 4 band valve equalisation – which in conjunction with variable high and low cut filters offers unlimited control of any audio source. But that’s not all – unlike many valve equalisers, the EQ-2 provides continuously variable frequency controls, so choice of frequency is not limited to switched selections. It also features a pair of the acclaimed TL Audio mic preamps (with phantom power), to enable high quality direct-to-tape microphone recording, and a pair of front panel auxiliary inputs enable a guitar or keyboard to directly access the EQ-2.

Another brilliant refinement is the “stereo mode” switch – when activated, the EQ controls of channel A automatically process the signal on channel B in an identical fashion – thus the audio signals through both channels have the same EQ applied to them: ideal for precise equalisation of stereo sources and overall mixes. Quite simply we believe that the EQ-2 is one of the best sounding and most versatile equalisers currently available!

The EQ-2 employs a total of six valve stages per channel: one in each of the four EQ bands, followed by a pair in the output stage. General Electric US military specification valves are used throughout, run from a stabilised 250v DC supply.”

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