Recording update

Time for an update… I have a few album projects in the works at the moment due for completion soon. They are:

Silent Front Album

Due to be recorded this month. Silent Front are a post-hardcore band from London, I’ve been a fan myself for a very long time! They have several EPs/Splits under their belt as well as their first album “Dead Lake”.

Black Skies Burn Album

Thrash/grindcore band based in and around Didcot. It will feature 10 songs, definately the most extreme band I’ve recorded in a while.

Everyone Needs A Nemesis Album

Great band from Reading and fantastic live. The album’s been in the works for most of the year, but due out shortly featuring 11 songs.

Mayors Of Miyazaki Album

Gareth from Silent Front’s other band, more of an indie sound but still quite mathy with melodic vocals. The album was recorded by Harvey Birrell at Southern Studios. I’m currently in the process of mixing/mastering the 10-song album.

More news soon!

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